April 15, 2018  We have officially hit the 100 registered members mark! Making us one of the fastest growing chapters in the country! Awesome work ladies.

March 6, 2018 We are mentioned in the Deseret News as being influential in helping lawmakers in Utah pass HCR22 a kindness bill that was a response to the tragic events at Stoneman Douglas  High School.


March 6, 2018  Our chapter presents our donation of the $8,300 to Children’s Home Society of Washington.  They were the winner of our inaugural event!


Feb 7, 2018  Our kickoff event was a huge success.  We had 90 inspired women attend with big hearts to give.  We packed our venue Salud! and had members of the local media, a professional photographer and even a surprise gentleman visitor who was so inspired by our giving circle that he sponsored our entire night of appetizers.  In total we raised $8800 that night!

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