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Event Info

All events follow the same format & we will always meet at Grains of Wrath in downtown Camas

5:00- 6:00 Social Hour/registration (optional)
6:00-7:00 Meeting starts promptly at 6:00 and always ends by 7:00

100 Women Who Give will bring tremendous good into our world and our efforts will make a big impact on our local community. Events are full of energy and a great place to meet new friends that share the same desire to inspire. The events were designed with busy life schedules in mind. We open the events by hearing from the previous quarter’s recipient so that we see how our collective donations are impacting our community. Next, we draw three organizations from the nominated charities and those three members have up to 5 minutes each to tell the group about the amazing organization they nominated (no brochures, no power points, no guest speakers, just one of our own speaking from the heart). After the presentations we vote on the winning charity, everyone writes their check to the winner for $100 and that’s it! The events are simple, fast, and full of impact. Though the total event takes about 45 minutes, we find that members come early and or stay afterwards to mingle with everyone, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy the evening. With the huge amount of good that we’re able to bring to our communities, there is an internal 100 Women community as well and the fellowship is something that brings a lot of fun and new friendships to our members!

Meeting Dates for 2019: Feb 6, May 8, Aug 7, Nov 6

Event Venue:
Grains of Wrath
230 NE 5th St,
Camas WA 98607

(360) 210-5717

Thank you Grains of Wrath for sharing your beautiful space with us and for embracing our mission! You all posses the giving hearts our group is built upon and we are excited to partner with you and host our event at Grains of Wrath!

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